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Strandwood students are lucky in science: they enjoy a dedicated Science Lab and an instructional assistant for science to go with it! Many times during the course of a semester, classes take a trip to the Science Lab to experience hands-on activities that reinforce lessons they are learning from their textbooks.


The science labs are prepared by our Science Instructional Assistant who has been teaching Strandwood students science for several years now. She works closely with classroom teachers to tailor the Science Lab experience to complement the science unit currently being covered in the classroom. She also sometimes accompanies classes on field trips that emphasize science and shares her knowledge and skills in a real-life setting. Her position is generously funded by the Strandwood PTA, in recognition of the value of giving children access to a variety of learning methods, from visual and auditory to tactile and experiential.

Additionally, our 4th and 5th grade students are taught in a STEAM classroom once per week. STEAM stands for Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. These lesson cover some basics in those fields and introduce students to careers in those fields. 

We feel fortunate at Strandwood to have an Instructional Assistant for science and a generous parent community to enhance and support our students' learning experiences. We feel that this helps our students be well rounded academically and is another factor in our school's success.