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PE at Strandwood is delivered in a variety of ways. In the primary grades, teachers integrate PE into the school day in their individual classrooms, taking advantage of our wonderful climate and beautiful setting to get their students outside. Twice a week grades 1-3 collaborate by grade level for PE, learning the rules of common playground games and practicing them to reinforce the procedures. This has the dual benefit of giving the students physical exercise and establishing recess procedures for these games.


In the upper grades teachers provide 200 minutes of PE every 10 school days. This can range from running laps, to playground games to organized sports. PE is a standards-based curriculum.  A student's grade in elementary school PE is based on progress toward end-of-the-year goals, including a skills component and a sportsmanship component. The skills component is made up of evaluations in performance and effort. The sportsmanship component involves participation and citizenship. Attendance and appropriate attire also factor into a student's grade.

Appropriate attire for elementary school PE means:

  • appropriate clothing for sports & movement (shorts must be worn under skirts or dresses)
  • safe footwear for sports (no sandals, backless shoes or heels, shoes MUST be tied)
  • sweatshirts, jackets, hats, gloves for cold weather
  • water bottle