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2019-2020 Daily Schedule
Posted 5/3/19

Bolded times indicate a change from '18-'19 Schedule


TK: : M-T-W-Th-F
Early Friends: 8:08AM - 11:30AM
Late Friends: 9:50AM - 1:10PM


Kindergarten: M-T-Th-F
Early Friends: 8:05AM - 12:10PM

Late Friends: 10:15AM - 2:20PM


Kindergarten: W
Early Friends: 8:05AM - 11:30AM
Late Friends: 9:25AM - 12:50PM



1st - 5th Grades
M-T-Th-F: 8:08AM - 2:50PM
W: 8:08AM - 12:50PM


Website Bell Schedule will be updated over the summer and will include lunch and recess times.