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Hello Strandwood Families and Students!

I am excited you are here and I look forward to getting to know you.

Here at Strandwood, we want to ensure each and every child feels a sense of belonging and community. Our goal is to provide students with a safe and effective learning environment that is conducive to their needs. We want to continue to provide social-emotional supports and academic interventions to help all our roadrunners achieve their potential. This is best achieved through a network of support from staff, family members, and community organizations. It means so much to myself and our students that you are a part of that, and we want to ensure you have every opportunity to communicate and be a part of what is going on here at Strandwood.

Your support, ideas, insights, and contributions are greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me, and visit our PTA page to find out how you can get involved in continuing to make Strandwood the thriving community that it is.

Thank you for putting our students first,

Leif Utler 

Principal Leif Utler


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